A 40,000 Pound Snowblower From the Cincinnati Airport

The week before spring break the sky let loose and the jamestown area got about 2 feet of snow so my dad joe was called

in to do snow removal at work "Wiest Truck Repair" being 1 of 2 people that actually know how to run the giant snowblower

he merally worked from 6am to 5pm saturday and sunday clearing snow at the shop. I was luckey enough to go out their and catch a few

pics of the snow moving operation. After filling up with about 300 gallons of diesel Joe went out for another round of fun.

A Movie Of The Snowblower


Comming Home From Wahpeton

In Jamestown

Stuck Getting To The House With Burt

Levi Stuck In The Backyard

Nick Stuck Without Even Trying