How It Started Well Christmas day i was waiting for dad to get his act together so we could go out ti my aunts and uncles to eat dinner and whatnot and I thought

What could i put my new mini wireless video camera onto? A ROCKET so i grabbed the camera and the Kodak snapshot model rocket ripped out the still

camera part and strapped the ol mini wireless video camera onto the side and the battery into the rocket and boom a rocket cam. We went out and launched

the rocket while it beamed back the video to earth witch I recorded on the computer.

Drawbacks . . . Mosquito Cam dosen't preform we if it gets colder than 50 degreez, Range is limmited.

Launch 1 Download Launch 1 Video

Launch 2 Download Launch 2 Video

Launch 3 Download Launch 3 Video

Levi's Super Cub Plain Experement

Here we constructed an camera box around the camera to protect it and keep from getting too cold

Also i stole the antenna assemblys off an old wireless router i had layin around and replaced the little

nubby antennas with ones that can be interchanged for more gain. With our little microwave video downlink

we can beam a live video signal to to the van and recorde it. I tried using a 15db Gain directional antenna

on the van so i can track the plain by hand to gain optimal signal strength.

Flight 1 Download Flight 1

Windy out Need to reposition cam and microwave antenna for better preformance and no prop lines less fuzz.

Regular Flight Crash Download Fight Crash

A regular practice flight without the camera levi always manages to crash

Screw Ups Download Screwups

All of our attempts to get off the ground. . . .

so we ended up breaking all our propellers and are waiting on some from bismark, hopefully they will be here saturday so we

can fly before I Go back to school.

Photo Gallery

Rocket Assembly

New Rocket

Cam and battery Assembly

old black antenna and new antenna installed

The Cmos Immage Sensor

Inside cam and transmitter

microwave recever with new antenna from router

Old Wireless router i stole parts off of

Cam box with antenna

Blowing Snow from motor


All Of Its Glory

Trying A Wooden Prop

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