Summer Is Here At The Shoner Residence And That Can Only Mean One Thing. . .  Construction / Destruction

My little project this week is to jack up our shed and replace all the rotten support structure underneath

and reinforce it with metal angle iron so we can move the shed  to another part of the yard this weekend to facilitate the coming of our Garage.

Finding the floor under structure is shot.

Dug out around and underneath

Molly was helping. . . .

My New Air Horns On The Van

U can see the new 4x4 where the old one was

The Rotton Understructure

Inside after the 4x4 floor structure is out

Rain Delay. But you can see the new wood and the

angle iron ready to be bolted on

New 4x4 floor structure

And of coures since the sheds power is disconected im using the vans power to cut wood and screw screws in

Steel Frame Is On

Got A New Jack

Thats Where The Sheds Going To Go

Where "The Back Door Cam" Will Go

Part Of My Air Horns

The Work Van

Dad Welding The Frame

New Cam


Testing The Cam View

My Neighbor

Dakota Central Fiber Line

Molly Dog Digging

My Dad Taking It Easy

Dug A Trench 50ft Long 2 Ft Deep For Conduit For the Backdoor Cam Grey Pipe Is Dakota Centeral Telecoms Fiber Backbone Run To My House I Fugure My Cable Is Safest With Theirs. . . .

Look At Me Im A Gopher


Getting Some Rock

Gor My Black Conduit

Suck My String Through The Pipe

String Goes In

String Comes Out

Fill It All In And Water

Dad Trimming Trees

Bud And His Giant Tree Spade

Looks Like A Pissed Off Fair Ride

Scoops It Right Up

Big Hole

More Tree Trimming

Bud Blowed A Tire , It Was A Big Tree

Bud Blew The Other Tire So Me, Dad And The Big Orange Van Went To The Rescue

My Dad Gettin The Job Done

With The Front Wheels Off The Ground. . .

Puts Mckennys Mom To Shame. . .

Molly Fetching Her Ball

Wireing For The Back Door Cam

Pulling The Cables Through The pipe

All Done Here

My Dad Helping With The Antenna

Camera Box

Twisted Off Drive Shaft

Stuck Dump Truck

Levi Trying To Pull It Out

Some Nick Trying To Pull It Out

Repaired Drive Shaft

Welding Axel On

Where The Shed Goes

Its Like Magic

Secret Sauce

The Suprise Lan Party