In The past we held epic LAN Partys but noy any more :-(

I Get This Question All The Time

Well, You know how people get together to play cards, or monopoly Right? Well we get together to play video games on our computers, connected together by a 'Local Area Network' (or LAN as they are commonly called). Hence the term LAN Party.

Once a month or so, we all get together, plug our computers into shoner's network and play various action, strategic, role playing or whatever games, according to the wishes of the group. Its a chance to have a good time, socialize and let loose with the computer. or

A LAN party is a gathering in which gamers meet at a specific location, all connect their computers using a local area network (or a LAN for short), and participate in extended gaming sessions of popular computer games.

With this general concept in mind, we can now break it down a little further. While on a LAN, in-game response time (or ping) among players is much faster than a similar interaction over the Internet, which greatly improves the quality of the game. In addition, gamers have the opportunity to meet other participants in the flesh. Some are very social events. LAN parties range in size from a few players getting together in a private home to gatherings of over a thousand players, converging to participate in a large public event. Large LAN parties often attract corporate sponsorship from computer hardware and software vendors. Some of well known companies include ATI and NVIDIA (manufactures of video cards) which are known for having displays at many larger LAN parties.

Now that you understand the basic concept of a LAN party, you may be wondering how a local area network is set up. In most cases, an internal network is set up using network devices such as: Network cards, Network cable, Hubs, Switches, and Game servers. These devices, set up in the proper order, create the LAN itself. The uses of this equipment may vary depending on the size of the LAN party. If, for example, you and your friends just wanted to play a few games all night in your garage, all that you would really need for a successful LAN party would be a HUB (the central device which connects the computers) with enough ports to support the amount of players you have, network cable for each user, and a network card for each user, so that each gamer could connect to the network.

Now, on the other hand, if you were to have a very large LAN party consisting of anywhere from 40 to a few hundred people, then the setup is a little different. Each user still must have a network cable and network card, but the hubs which they connect to are arranged differently. In a larger LAN, you want to have some sort of backbone, or a setup which would have enough bandwidth to give all of your users a fast connection. The average solution would be a fast switch for a backbone, which in turn would be connected to many other hubs, which then provide access to the user. Since you would have more users, it may be wise to use a dedicated game server for the game or games which you plan on playing throughout the night. It is always wise to have dedicated servers set up directly on the network backbone, so that it may have a fast connection to the users.

This was a very basic explanation of what a LAN party is and the general idea of how they are set up.





















































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