The Gallery A Compilation of Picture Gallery's and Videos From All The Good Times In The Past Years.

Shoner In Alaska 2007 Pics

NDSCS Agawasie Day Burnout Contest 2007

40,000 Pound Snowblower In Action 3/2/07

The Mosquito Cam Adventures

Grandparents 50th Annaversary

Levi NeNow Custom Subwoofer Boxes


Science Olympiad JHS

Random Pic's Laying Around The Laptop

Alaska Canada Trip 2005

Daktel  Dakota Centeral Telecomunications

FireBox Server

Halo Tuesday

NDSCS Agawasi Day Banner

The Super Balsa Airplain

Construction Destruction Summer Of 2006

Spring Break In Debver The Mile High City 2006

Party In The Pasture Lee Troutman 2006

Uncle Brents Deck

Uncle Mike July 2004

Van Upgrades

Water VS Electricity

Bens Bonfires